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No specific prerequisites are required to attend the summer school, even though  it is advisable to have basic knowledge in GIS, a minimum experience in the use of software
(free or proprietary) and in the use and management of geographic information. It is also advisable to have minimal skills in using computers at user level.

As the entire Summer School will be conducted in English, solid communication skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking the English language are necessary.

In summary, the basic prerequisites for the summer school application are:
  • Have basic knowledge in GIS and spatial information processing.
  • Interest in Open Source in general and Free Software in particular.
  • Possessing a keen and creative mind.
  • Interest to expand and share knowledge and experience.
  • Knowledge of English.
All those who want to participate the Summer School should briefly describe why they are interested in attending this summer school  and attach their CV.

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