::: Summer School 2010: VENUE

Girona is one of the most beautiful cities in Catalonia. Its geographical situation means that it is often called the "Porta de Catalunya", the gateway to Catalonia: to the national culture, gastronomy, and the most popular traditions.

Go for a walk in the city and you will discover the old town, a heritage rehabilitation project which we are particularly proud of, the colored houses overlooking the river Onyar, the cathedral, the church of Sant Feliu, the path along town wall... they are all different places to contemplate.


The venue of the Meeting will be the Facultat de LLetres (Faculty of Arts) of Universitat de Girona, placed in the old town of the city and characteristic for the  historic buildings' restoration which belong to heritage of Girona.

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Universitat de Girona - SIGTE - Pl. Ferrater Mora, 1 - 17071 GIRONA

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