• TONI HERNÁNDEZ – SIGTE, University of Girona. Graduated in Environmental Sciences in 1996. Since 2001 he is been working as a System Administrator and developer of webmapping applications at the GIS Center of the University of Girona. He is now tutor of the Spatial Databases module in the  International MSc in GIS.
  • VÍCTOR OLAYA – Proyecto SEXTANTE. Creator and main developer of the SEXTANTE library, an open-source library for spatial data analysis currently used by several applications. He has been involved in open-source software development and GIS since the beginning of his career, focusing on spatial data analysis and geomorphometry.
  • LLUÍS VICENS – SIGTE, University of Girona. Graduated in Geography, has specialized in GIS since 2001. Is currently staff member of GIS Technical Projects at the GIS Center of the University of Girona, and co-responsible for technical assessment in GIS application projects and training activities. He is now tutor of the Spatial Analysis module in the International MSc in GIS. He has been visiting professor in several seminars and short courses. He is also organiser of the Open Source GIS Conference (Jornadas de SIG libre) in Spain.
  • JEREMY MORLEY – University of Nottingham. He is the Deputy Director of Centre for Geospatial Science at University of Nottingham. Previously  he was  at  UCL's Dept. Geomatic Engineering as a Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Systems and Course Director and Tutor for the University of London M.Sc. in Geographic Information Science.
  • MARC COMPTE – Web and webmapping developement and consulting freelance. Interested in web development, databases and web mapping in particular has had experience along the last fifteen years in the development and management of event databases, web mapping applications and other web based front-ends to manage spatial and non-spatial information. In the last two years has been working at Infonomia as technology manager and earlier he worked for SIGTE -GIS & Remote Sensing Centre of the University of Girona- where he tutored the Spatial Databases module at the UNIGIS Master.

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