Day 1: Welcome and Introduction. Working with PostGIS and Introduction to Sapatial Databases and SQL

Introduction to GFOSS: Download

Introduction to Spatial Databases and SQL: Download

Day 2: Introduction to Open Web Services

Open Web Services:Download

Day 3: Working with GeoServer. Creation of Open web Services

GeoServer and Open Web Services: Download

Day 4: Working with OpenLayers and GeoExt to create Web Mapping Applications (I)

Introduction to Javascript and OpenLayers: Download

Day 5: Working with OpenLayers and GeoExt to create Web Mapping Applications (II)

Working with GeoExt: Download


For practical exercises you need to install the OSGeo virtual machine used during the summer school. You can download it from:
If you need some help running the virtual machine take a look at:

Once you have downloaded the virtual machine and it is already running on your system you will need to update the virtual machine system and install the packages libreoffice and osmosis
Be sure to Install osmosis after the updating is complete.

From a linux terminal type and execute the following commands:
sudo apt-get update

When asked for a password type: user (and press enter).

Then run the second command:
sudo apt-get upgrade

And again type the password if required.
Accept the message and press ENTER.

The previous command can take a few minutes before is completed.
After the updating is complete, execute the last command so libreoffice and osmosis aplicattion get installed:
sudo apt-get install libreoffice osmosis

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