Introduction to Open Web Services
  • Data on the Internet. This introductory session will examine how data are commonly transferred on the Internet: between humans on the web in HTML, and more importantly here,between applications in XML. How do we use XML to create and interchange our own data?
  • The Open Geospatial Consortium's Open Web Services. Following the introduction to XML we will continue by looking at the work of the Open Geospatial Consortium in creating open standards for geospatial information and services. In particular we will examine the operation of Web Map Services (WMSs) and Web Feature Services (WFSs) and how we use Geography Markup Language (GML) to describe geospatial features.
  • Creating XML, connecting to services. In the practical session we will start by getting some practice at creating XML documents and associated schema. We will then move on to making connections, first manually and then with a GIS, to WMS and WFS services to explore the interactions between the server and client in the form of the URL requests and XML messages passed back and forth.

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