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There are many restaurants in Girona and a wide range of types of cuisine to sample: Catalan, signature, Mediterranean, oriental, fresh from the market, vegetarian, Basque and fusion. Furthermore, the city lies in an area of great culinary dynamism and enjoys a privileged geographical position that offers up a wide variety of ingredients and exceptionally high quality products from the sea and the countryside. Today, Girona, the Gironés region and Catalonia represent one of the main sources of world gastronomical creation.

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What to do

Girona has all the charm of a large city but without the crowds; a very “human-sized” city that will leave you walking around awestruck with your eyes wide open and your mouth agape at all it has to offer: its streets, festivals, cultural activities, restaurants, tourist services and events. Make the most of your visit at any time of year, and if you can, visit more than once, because the city is very much alive and there are always new things to surprise you.

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Culture & Leisure

Girona offers a very extensive range of things to do. The city, a great stage where centuries of history are captured in spectacular monuments, invites you to lose yourself in a walk around the Old Town. It also has an intense cultural life, with strongly characteristic events taking place each month of the year. In addition, Girona is today a source of cultural production with regular, critically acclaimed seasons of theatre and music. However, if sport is what you are looking for, both the city and surrounding areas have all the means available for practising any sport you choose. Girona makes it all possible.

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